What happens when a group of friends who love working puzzles get together to create something that people around the world can enjoy? They create the puzzle site that you’re visiting right now. After years of working puzzles in our free time and talking about some of the most challenging games, we took our interests to the net. The result is a website packed with digital puzzles, ranging from easy problems that anyone can solve to complex games that require more in-depth thought, strategy or simply trial and error.

Our Journey

Our passion for puzzles started when we were in our early 20s. We didn’t have families, full-time jobs and other serious responsibilities at that time, so playing puzzle games was a thrilling way to fill our time. What started as leisure playtime eventually turned into competitive play as we started to connect with like-minded friends.

After winning many competitions and realizing that we were pretty good at puzzles, we started talking about ways to turn our shared hobby into a business venture. We didn’t take any action on that idea until we were married and the realities of adult life slapped us in the face. We realized that we needed to turn puzzle games into a serious venture or quit our hobby in favor of earning a living.

How do you let go of something that has provided years of pleasure? You don’t, and that’s why this site was created. It’s our way to keep the love of puzzles alive. We get to share our passion for critical thinking and problem solving with other people around the world, and that’s even more satisfying than working puzzles for personal pleasure.

The Unexpected Explosion

Shortly after we created our first puzzle site, we were overwhelmed with the demand for more and more games. Our loyal viewers asked not only for puzzle games but also for adventure games, treasure-hunting games and cooking games. We have since created multiple gaming sites filled with hundreds of puzzles and a variety of additional game types.

What Do We Offer?

While this site is focused primarily on puzzles, you’ll also find some variety in our game lineup. The site is fully supported by knowledgeable staff members, so you can contact us with questions or troubleshooting when problems arise.

You’re also free to connect with other puzzle fanatics through our forum. This is the perfect place to see what other people think about your favorite games or to collect tips and tricks that might make winning some of our games easier. You can even use the forums to help others get through the more challenging games that you’ve mastered during your time on our site.

Want to Chat?

We love hearing from our visitors. If you have questions about our site or want to recommend a new type of puzzle for inclusion in our game inventory, feel free to click on the Contact Us link at any time. You can even send us a message to let us know how much you enjoy the puzzles that we work so hard to make available.